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 Stealth WPS-140R/200R


"Stealth Control System" keeps cutting your products to with the target weight.

"Stealth Control System" gives you more accurate portion controls.
Simple and user friendly touch screen improves your operation.(140R)

 Simple control

The touch screen setting is only to set the weight. No mold change for setting portioning weights.
(e.g. 80g, 95g, 103g, 122g)

 Non-stop slice mode

After setting the weight, only pushing start switch is needed. Then you can continure to feed the product for the continuous slice operation.

 Newly invented weight control system

The mold is with Watanabe special new press system. meats fit perfectly. This gives the accurate weight control.

 Patented scissors cutting system

Watanabe characteristic cutting system gives the beautiful products.

 Safety control

With World 1st class interlock system, the best safety is promissed.

Product Specifications



W3,150 D:1,450 H:1,670mm


900kg (Machine, inlet and outlet conveyer)


Pork loin


20 - 200g

Process amount

Chilled mode 3,000/h
(Depends on products size and portioning size)

Slice temperature

-3 to +3 degree (Depends on product)

Rating electricity

Inlet 2.29kW Rating electric current 15A

Rating power consumption

0.29kW (50/60Hz with no overloaded)

Power Supply

3P 200V 50/60Hz 20A


0.5Mpa 120L/min

Size of the air tube


Watanabe Foodmach Co., Ltd.