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 Super Big 350ST

単品カタログ 承認図 MOVIE

Standard model of frozen meat slicer.

High-standard safety and cleanability, economy model.

 Much more safety, Much more sanitation

One unit of blade cover and blade support plate, which contribute to much more safety. From blade drive part to the thickness plate drive part becomes one unit.

 From thin slice to thick slice

It can adjust slice thickness from 0mm to 25mm, and be able to cut the meat with many kinds of thickness.

A Pioneer in Frozen Meat Slicers.
A longtime seller with reliability and results!
The most powerful machine in the food processing machine industry!

Product Specifications


W:835 D:950 H:1,510mm

Slice Thickness

0 to 25mm

Max. Slice Size

W:350 H:215 L:425mm


38 to 60 slices/min. (50Hz)

45 to 60 slices/min. (60Hz)

Blade motor

3-Phase 200V 750W

Tank motro

3-Phase 200V 750W

Blade size

375mm across

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