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Paint the future, build our future!

President Masahiro Watanabe

Thanks for all the support from everybody in this market, Watanabe Foodmach is now the 86 Anniversary of our foundation, 1938. We appreciate all your support.

In addition to the increasing speed of change in the world, we have been also experiencing a huge paradigm shift in the form of changes in social norms and values, and we live in a VUCA era where the future is uncertain.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.” (Darwin’s theory of evolution)
It is the absolute condition, which the company survives, is to meet with the social change. It won’t be the same as our future forecast, especially these days. What is more important is not the forecast, but we build up our future ourselves. Our wishes and our actions construct our future.
We contribute to making the future of Meat by adopting advanced technology for solving our customer’s issues, based on “the customers’ eye points manufacturing”. We also contribute to future of Meat all over the world with “Think Globally, Act Locally” mind.

Watanabe Foodmach and Fooma Watanabe, Sales Company, merge on 1st of January in 2024. Watanabe Foodmach moves forward to the next stage as New Watanabe Foodmach. We will try creating and offering customer value than before by improving the management efficiency by sharing the management and creating synergies by expanding the corporate scale. All Watanabe team are trying to contribute to the future of Meat with our slicers. We appreciate your continued support and look forward to working with you.

PresidentMasahiro Watanabe