"Stealth Control System" keeps cutting your products to with the target weight.

The newly invented weight control system which is called "Stealth Control System" achieves a constant weight for cut materials. Simple and user-friendly touch panel improves your operation. (140R)

Simple control

The touch panel setting is only to set the weight. No mold change for setting portioning weights.
(e.g. 80g, 95g, 103g, 122g)

Non-stop slice mode

After setting the weight, only pushing the start button is needed. Then you can continue to feed the materials for the continuous slice operation.

Newly invented weight control system

The mold is with Watanabe's special new press system. Meats fit perfectly. This gives accurate weight control.

Patented scissors cutting system

Watanabe's characteristic cutting system gives beautiful items.

Safety control

All open/close sections are equipped with Interlock System for the best safety. A measure taken to preserve safety is perfect.


Wash down machine. Easy to detach the parts without tools, even the special lif comes for detaching the mold. Parts trolley comes with.
Cleaning guidance is programmed, and everybody can clean easily. Approximate cleaning time is about 30mins with two operators.

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