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Our Policy to Design Products

Our "Manufacturing=Creation" always starts from the communication with "People" and the "World". We target to manufacture/create our products with you.

Our Policy to Design Products

Key Points for Choosing Your Machine

It is important to step on 3 points to choose your machine.


Making clear the product type, size, temperature and final presentation. These information is required to determine Product category.


Making clear the production amount. Per hour, day, and month.


Making clear the production process. Production process can be devided into several steps/machines for more efficient process.

We always hear from you these information, in order to determine/propose the best solution.
We believe our advise, based on our experience, will be helpful for you.


The engineering proposed by Food processing machine manufacturer is based on the experience and knowledge of the current situation at food processing plants. We propose the layout and zoning to meet the requirements for iSO9001, HACCP, SQF2000 etc.


Business Plan

  • Conditions for design
  • Production flow
  • Line balance simulation
  • Layout design
  • Factory layout


Conceptual design
Dateline design
Detail design

  • System design
    Material balance
    Heat balance
    Flow chart
  • Structure, Environmental pollution prevention facility, Utility
  • Budget, Work scheduling, Labor planning etc



  • Contract specification
  • Drawing,
    Selection of contractors,
    Inquiry, Evaluation
  • Minute work scheduling
  • Total work scheduling
  • Work management, Inspection, Process control
  • Safety administration



  • Testing schedule
  • User's manual
  • Attending a test run,
  • Proposition a revised drawing
  • Maintenance schedule


Multi demands from the customers is caused by the diversification of food culture. We have been challenging to customize individually, in order to respond the customers' requests, such as Seafoods, besides Meats. New ideas come comes up from new challenges on those experiences. We try and customize machines with you for providing all the solution for all products, which have 1,000 of characters.


Would like to maximize the operation efficiency.

Would like to maximize Safety and Cleanability.

Fully Covered Maintenance Service

Our business is expanding from nation-wide to International. Our maintenance service network is also getting Nationally and Globally for providing constant quality at anytime and anywhere. Always the after maintenance is top priority for us: periodic visits and A.S.A.P. service. We believe Watanabe customers enjoy using Watanabe products without any worries.

Preventive Maintenance

We periodically visit you to check the machine for proper working, and advise on parts replacements to prevent machine troubles in advance for the longer life of your machine.

Preventive Maintenance

After Maintenance

When the machine trouble is accidentally happened, our local branches / distributors help you immidiately. We provide not only the regular on-site repair, but also the overhaul at work shop.

After Maintenance

Customer Support